To ensure that the town centre is both accessible and navigable for everyone, and to ensure that the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, those using public transport and car users are met.




  1. CREATE a strong attractive pedestrian and cycle corridor between key locations, including between the station and the rest of the town centre, and between the north and south parts of the town centre crossing the river.


  1. IMPROVE pedestrian and cycle signage and way-marking throughout the town centre.


  1. IMPROVE linkages between the Pump Room Gardens and Spencer Yard including, potentially, through provision of a new footbridge over the river.


  1. IMPROVE connectivity and permeability when new development proposals come forward.


  1. INVEST in town centre car parking including replacing the Covent Garden car park with one fit for future use.


  1. ENSURE that on-street parking management is fair and works for the wider benefit of the town centre including the needs of visitors, businesses and residents.


  1. IMPROVE signage to and from car parks including VMS (Variable Message Sign).


  1. ENSURE that the operational needs of the station are met, including for car parking.


  1. MANAGE the road network to control traffic speeds, reduce congestion and improve safe pedestrian crossings.


  1. ENCOURAGE modal shift to sustainable/public transport to reduce congestion, improve air quality and encourage active travel.


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