To continue to create appropriate and flexible high quality investment opportunities which recognise the town centres evolving role yet maintains its character.




  1. DELIVER a high quality development on the Covent Garden car park to include new offices for Warwick District Council, a new multi-storey car park, and housing.


  1. REDEVELOP the Chandos Street car park as major town centre development opportunity.


  1. CREATE suitable opportunities for new shops, cafes, restaurants and leisure uses and to improve our public realm.


  1. IDENTIFY and SUPPORT other possibly future development sites within the town centre.


  1. ENSURE that appropriate opportunities to capitalise on the town’s heritage as a spa are taken.


  1. EXPLORE opportunities to improve digital connectivity within the town centre including the potential for adopting a “Smart Cities” approach (where the traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies for the benefit of residents and businesses).


  1. ENSURE that we have planning policies to:-

a. protect our key town centre uses (shops, cafes and restaurants, offices, leisure uses, etc) whilst being sufficiently flexible to respond to changing needs.

b. allow us to respond positively to those peripheral areas of the

town centre that are not attracting the types of investment (particularly shopping) that they once did.


  1. ENSURE that our town centre is welcoming to visitors and that our facilities are well managed and that our services and events are promoted and coordinated.


  1. SUPPORT and MANAGE the needs of the growing student population.

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